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Effective, affordable, manageable and trackable advertising (banner & text) on an electronics targeted website for a fraction of the cost of other publications.

Advertising on Electronics Notes:
Advertising on Electronics Notes     Target Electronics Notes as managed placement    

Electronics Notes offers advertisers a chance to promote their services and products to a host of people associated with electronics and radio technology with either advertising banners or text advertisements through the Google Ads interface.

Electronics Notes uses Google Ads as its primary form of advertising. Being programmatic, it provides significant advantages in terms of management and performance when compared to directly placed banners.

With traffic around a million page views a month (Google Analytics) we are one of the largest sites in this sector on the web. Compare us on

Cut advertising costs by factor of ten or more

By targeting Electronics Notes as a managed placement, it is possible to see significant reductions in the cost of advertising for the same performance. We believe this could be by a factor of ten when compared to directly placed advertisements in the same sector (i.e. professional electronics).

Targeting a site like Electronics Notes with managed placements brings significant advantages. Selecting keywords means that your advert can appear in many places – often places you may not want.

Targeting advertisements onto Electronics Notes as a managed placement means that your advertising is placed exactly where you want it, and this can bring much better results.

By targeting Electronics Notes you can not only choose how much advertising you want, but you can also choose the times and locations where you want it. It is just like placing direct advertising but at a fraction of the cost.

Note: Advertising on Electronics Notes can be either display banner advertisements, or it can use text advertisements. Both forms are enabled on the website.

Advertising placements

There are many possibilities that can be used for advertising on Electronics Notes. The site is responsive and slightly different approaches are adopted for the different sizes:

  • Desktop:   Desktop advertising gives excellent visibility, there being four positions on the page that are used.
    Advertise on Electronics Notes
    Position of Above the Fold Advertising
    Bottom leaderboard is below the main body text
    • In-Content:   For the top performance we now support the in-content ads offered by Google Ads to provide the best performance and visibility.
    • Top leaderboard:   The top leaderboard is applied alongside the logo at the top of the page to provide instant visibility and it conforms to the normal 728x90 leaderboard format.
    • Top MPU:   The top MPU appears at the top of the right hand column and it is particularly popular being a 300x250 format which gives space for text and a compelling message.
    • Sticky skyscraper:   With agreement from Google we will shortly be providing a “sticky” skyscraper which scrolls down the page as the visitor scrolls, remaining in view all the time. This provides excellent results.
    • Link unit:   Placed around the fold, this is an ideal position for text link ads which perform very well. Being on the fold it remains in view as the visitor scrolls.
  • Mobile:   For mobile there are several advertising opportunities via Google Ads:
    Advertising on Electronics Notes
    Position of Top Mobile Leaderboard
    Bottom leaderboard is below the main text
    • Top mobile banner:   We provide a 320x100 large top banner just beneath the logo which provides excellent visibility and it is large enough not only to catch the eye of the visitor, but also to place information within the boundaries
    • Anchor ads:   These ads appear at either the top or bottom of the screen as the user scrolls down remaining in place unless they are dismissed
    • In-article ads:   These ads are placed within the articles at positions determined by the Google algorithms to provide the optimum performance

Try advertising on Electronics Notes by targeting the site, pages on the site or our YouTube channel using managed placements to gain the most from your budget.

We have achieved an Average View Visibility factor of around 60%, this is well over the industry average and means that your advertising is as effective as possible.

Affordable, manageable, trackable advertising

Advertising on Electronics Notes or our companion YouTube channel offers advertising that is particularly effective. Unlike most other electronics websites we use the Google Ads and this provide many advantages:

  • Affordable:   As advertising is placed via Google Ads, you can manage the advertising to suit your budget and costs are typically well below those for direct advertising on competing sites.
  • Effective:   By targeting the site directly, and not using just keyword targeting the results have been shown to be far better. We also provide an above industry standard Average View Viewability factor.
  • Manageable:   Using the Google Display Network easy to use interface you can easily manage your advertising campaign.
  • Trackable:   The Google Display Network interface provides many tools that enable you to track the performance of your advertising and see the value of your advertising.

Advertising Placement

Advertising may be placed on the site by targetting the site via Google Ads:   Advertising can also be submitted via Google Ads and targeting the Electronics Notes site. All our ad sizes are catered for by Ads including 728x90, 320x50, 300x250 and 160x600.

Don't miss out on new opportunities. Place your advertising now with . . . . Google Ads. It is easy, low cost and very effective.

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Please note: We do NOT accept adverts for text links designed for supposed SEO purposes.