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Testing is key to any electronics activity. It is necessary to test an item to ensure that it operates correctly. The test equipment is also key as it provides the functionality to be able to make the tests that are needed - having the right test equipment and knowing how to use it of great importance. In this area, discover some important insights into testing, test equipment and some useful techniques that can be used.

In this Focus on Test area of the site, we have links to the papers and pages from Rohde & Schwarz who are experts in test. There is a selection of white-papers, web pages, videos and webinars they give key insights into the testing of everything from 5G to more simple circuits. There are papers on how to use oscilloscopes, right up to some complicated measurements using the latest in test technology.

R & S NRQ6 frequency selective power sensor

R&S NRQ6 Frequency Selective Power Sensor

The R & S NRQ6 frequency selective power sensor is a revolutionary new sensor that combines the accuracy of a power meter with the dynamic range of a spectrum analyzer. It performs extremely precise and fast power measurements down to -130 dBm. It provides precise and fast continuous average power measurements down to –130 dBm; it enables I/Q data capturing for RF vector signal analysis; provides trace measurements and allows ultra-fast triggered measurements; and it enables easy ACLR measurements. Read all about this remarkable power sensor.

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Top Focus on Test Whitepapers, PDFs, Webinars and Links

Rohde & Schwarz have provided a large number of PDFs, white papers, webinars and videos, etc on a number of test topics that include 5G, antenna measurements, power measurements, how to use an oscilloscope and many more. These provide a very useful resource, and some of the key white papers are included on the page below:

Outphasing, Envelope Tracking & Doherty Transmitter Test Measurement

Output efficiency for output devices for the transmit section of mobile devices is Meeting the efficiency challenge is increasingly difficult at higher operating frequencies and bandwidths, such as those proposed for 5G. Doherty amplifiers use an architecture where the signal output is constructed from two, or more, efficiently generated components. This signal construction in effect, means that such architectures use predictive, post-correction linearization. Their predictive nature enables distortion to be completely eliminated. This whitepaper describes a solution to measure the energy efficiency of RF Frontends, especially transmitters, working in the 3.5 GHz NR candidate band. But its findings are equally applicable to measurements for K-band satellite application or mmW NR candidate bands. Read more . .

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Pre-5G NR Signal Generation & Analysis

With 5G NR products now being developed, signal generation and analysis of the waveforms is key. This whitepaper shows how to test a single user interface for signal generation and analysis configuration, flexible OFDM configuration and signal generation incl. flexible pilot and data allocation, and user defined modulation schemes including complex scenarios, e.g. 5G NR PSS. Find out more . . .

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Measuring with oscilloscopes

This very informative educational note covers the theory and practice oscilloscopes based on concrete measurement examples that address authentic everyday tasks.

The theoretical portion of this paper begins with an explanation of the basic operating concepts for oscilloscopes, followed by a discussion of the most important parameters to be considered when setting up and performing the exercise measurements.

The practical portion of the educational note contains detailed measurement tasks that can be performed by small groups in the university lab. These exercises are intended to demonstrate and reinforce the knowledge gained in the theoretical portion. The exercises build upon one another and demonstrate measurement tasks that are frequently encountered by engineers in daily work.

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Narrowband Internet of Things Measurements

The Internet of Things, IoT with its machine to machine communications is considered the driving force of current and future wireless communications. In release 13, 3GPP has specified Narrowband-IoT, NB-IoT as a new physical layer. Measuring the RF and other signals is key to its correct operation. This application note gives a short introduction to NB-IoT and shows the easy measurements with Rohde & Schwarz instruments.

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Bluetooth Low Energy (V5.0) RF-Test for Internet of Things Applications

One of the most important standards now being used with many IoT applications is Bluetooth and in particular Bluetooth Low Energy. Before a new product with Bluetooth functionality can be launched, the qualification process defined by the Bluetooth SIG must be successfully completed. To save time and money, performance tests need to be performed in the development stage. This application note describes how to use the R&S CMW platform to perform the measurements defined in Bluetooth test specification version 5.

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